His combination of tactical nous and robust negotiation skills makes him a favourite silk
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Jonathan Fisher QC
Year of Call 1980 Silk 2003

Jonathan Fisher QC specialises in cases involving CORPORATE CRIME (accounting misstatements, bribery and corruption, cartels, cybercrime, data protection, environmental offences, health and safety, investigations, media and communications offences, policies and procedures, production orders, search warrants, tax offences); FINANCIAL REGULATION (economic sanctions, export controls, insider dealing, market disclosures, market manipulation, misleading the financial markets, money laundering compliance, unauthorised trading); FRAUD (civil fraud, criminal fraud); PROCEEDS OF CRIME (civil recovery, confiscation and restraint, money laundering offences, taxation); TAX EVASION (avoidance & evasion disputes, tribunal appeals and criminal defence, discovery assessments, DOTAS, investigations – civil and criminal, penalties, VAT disputes, voluntary disclosures, the GAAR); and commercial litigation (investor cases, breach of trust, dishonesty, asset recovery, freezing orders and search orders, pharmacy / pharmaceutical cases).

The Legal 500 Directory and UK Chambers and Partners Bar Guide name Jonathan Fisher as a leading barrister in the following fields - Banking and Finance; Fraud (civil); Fraud (criminal); Proceeds of Crime; Tax.

With extensive experience in civil and criminal cases, Jonathan Fisher accepts instructions in the High Court, First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal, Crown Court and Appellate jurisdictions. Much of his work involves cross-border transactions and he has gained significant experience handling international mutual assistance issues. Jonathan is particularly familiar with cases involving offshore companies and trusts.

Jonathan Fisher accepts instructions directly from members of the public under the Public Access scheme.

Examples of recent work include instructions in connection with –

  • corporate crime, advising as a member of an investigation sub-committee into allegations of foreign corruption and bribery leading to self-reporting of criminal conduct to the Serious Fraud Office, advising UKTI (Trade & Investment) on issues relating to foreign bribery and corruption; advising the Serious Fraud Office on matters concerning corporate crime and self-reporting.
  • financial regulation, advising in connection with the Co-Op Bank / Lloyds TSB investigation; advising in connection with the LIBOR investigation; advising and representing market traders in a market abuse case involving high frequency trading and algorithmic trading; advising on multiple cases involving the application of Iranian economic sanctions relating to trading contracts and transfer of funds.
  • fraud (civil & criminal), advising in the Axion Fund fraud case involving legal expenses insurance schemes; advising in the fraud and corruption case involving ex-HBOS bank managers, customers and professional advisers; advising in a case involving the purchase and supply of pharmaceutical productions known as "specials" and arrangements for reimbursement under NHS price regulations.
  • money laundering, advising on the application of suspicious activity reporting requirements where criminal conduct is suspected (in particular, bribery and corruption, breach of economic sanctions, fraud, tax evasion, insider dealing and accounting mis-statements); providing anti-money laundering compliance training to Moneyval; advising professional regulatory bodies in the UK and Channel Islands on the application of the anti-money laundering regime.
  • proceeds of crime - civil recovery and confiscation issues where a leading mobile telephone service provider holds monies generated by the perpetrators of a “Wangiri” fraud; advising in two high profile fraud cases involving the enforcement of a confiscation order where property is held in trust; advising and representing the Crown Prosecution Service Proceeds of Crime Unit in cases where international co-operation is required.
  • tax evasion /avoidance,  involving multiple investigations into sideways relief, tax film schemes, offshore income and MTIC (carousel) chain cases, such as the ex-RBS traders case involving tax film schemes.

 Recent notable Court cases include:

  • HMRC v Curran ([2012] UKFTT 517, interest relief, avoidance, setting aside settlement agreement);
  • Wiese v UKBA ([2012] EWHC 2549 (Admin), cash forfeiture, money laundering);
  • R (on the application of Lunn) v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2011] STC 1028, (multi-million pound alleged tax fraud);
  • SEC v Manterfield ([2010] 1 WLR 172, hedge fund alleged investment fraud, cross-border freezing order)
  • Operation Ghast (R v Samra, 2010, £125 million carousel fraud);
  • Operation Euripus, (R v Castillo [2010] EWCA Crim 658, £250 million carousel fraud);
  • Opportunity Unique Fund (2009, international asset restraint, alleged income tax fraud, mutual assistance)
  • Thomas Wise (2009, MEP expenses fraud trial);
  • RCPO v Hill (2009 & [2005] EWCA 3271, Crown Court and Court of Appeal, alleged income tax and corporation tax fraud, restraint order, case dropped);
  • Financial Investment Advisers ([2009] Lloyd’s Rep: FC 221, tax film scheme, PACE production order);
  • ARA v Szepietowski ([2008] Lloyd's Rep FC 10, civil recovery, alleged tax and mortgage fraud, £30 million)
  • Re E (2008, solicitor accused of failing to report money laundering offences, contested committal).

    "... calm, sure and deadly at spotting the weaknesses of the opponent's case ..." Chambers UK 2014

    “... an extremely experienced leader who is very easy to work with and who is very used to working across the criminal and civil sphere. He has great experience of money laundering and sanctions cases” Chambers UK 2013

    “… academically very bright and knows exactly what he's doing … he has extensive knowledge of white-collar crime, and is a savvy choice for any complex POCA work” Chambers UK 2013

     “… an engaging, client-friendly barrister who brings great commercial acumen to his cases. An expert on tax-related fraud, he is a veteran of many cases concerning investigations by HMRC” Chambers UK 2013

    " ... high-flying ..." Legal 500 2012

    "… Sources praise him for his gravitas and his "very good, clear advice …” Chambers UK 2012

    "… an experienced and active silk with "a diplomatic and thoughtful style …” Chambers UK 2012

    “… has produced some stunning work over the past year … A highly intelligent silk … a favourite of London’s top law firms …” Chambers UK 2011

     “… has great gravitas when appearing in high-value cases where the stakes are high. His combination of tactical nous and robust negotiation skills makes him a favourite silk …” Chambers UK 2011

     “…revenue expert Jonathan Fisher QC is learned and astute …” Legal 500 2010

    “… brilliant at money laundering and confiscation matters. He regularly appears in an advisory capacity in matters pertaining to financial sanctions …" Chambers UK 2010

    “… extremely thoughtful and considered” in the run-up to court but “once in the heat of battle he tells it as it is and pulls no punches ….” Chambers UK 2009

  • Tax

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    Jonathan Fisher advises and represents taxpayer clients (individuals and companies) in the UK and abroad in all types of cases involving tax disputes, investigations, disclosures and contentious hearings. He is a Chartered Tax Adviser, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT), a Trusts and Estates Practitioner accredited by the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners (STEP) and a Board Member of Simon’s Taxes.

    Advisory and Court Cases

    Due to the highly confidential nature of this work, it is not possible to identify the clients in many of the advisory cases in which Jonathan Fisher has been instructed. Resolution of issues arising in these cases is often achieved without recourse to the Courts. Instructions to advise have been received from “magic circle” firms and top 4 accountancy firms, as well as other firms of solicitors and accountants (ranging from international firms to sole practitioners) seeking advice and/or representation in Jonathan Fisher’s areas of practice.

  • Finance

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    Proceeds of crime

    Since the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 was enacted, Jonathan Fisher has become a leading practitioner in the new areas of law which it established. In July 2009 the House of Lords European Union Committee (Home Affairs Sub-Committee F) referred to his evidence in its report, Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, 19th report 2008-9. Jonathan Fisher’s experience in tax and property cases involving offshore companies and trusts compliments his work in this area.

    Corporate crime

    Jonathan Fisher represents clients in all types of corporate crime cases.  He also advises clients on matters such as the response to an investigation where corporate crime is suspected.  In 2010 he chaired the Special Project Group established by the Fraud Advisory Panel into Fraud Reporting and he has advised Government on corporate crime issues.

    More recently, he was instructed to advise the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee in relation to its investigation into Barclays / LIBOR.

    Areas of work arising in the context of corporate crime include accounting misstatements, bribery & corruption, cartels, confiscation, civil recovery, cybercrime, data protection, environmental offences, financial services offences, fraud, health & safety offences, international economic sanctions and money laundering. 

  • Commercial Litigation

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    Jonathan Fisher is ranked in Legal 500 as a leading Silk in civil fraud cases, and he represents clients in disputes involving asset recovery, freezing injunctions and search orders. He appeared in the leading cases of SEC v Manterfield ([2010] 1 WLR 172) involving a cross-border freezing order and ARA v Szepietowski ([2008] Lloyd's Rep FC 10) where the Court of Appeal laid down the principles to be applied in a civil recovery action involving an interim receivership. In addition to his work in commercial fraud disputes, Jonathan is known for his expertise in civil and regulatory cases involving allegations of money laundering, corruption, accounting misstatements, tax and breach of trust, and more generally in commercial litigation cases where the conduct constitutes a criminal offence even though it is not the subject of criminal prosecution. He is particularly well placed in a commercial litigation case where there are disputed factual issues requiring extensive advocacy experience, and he is part of a small group of practitioners equally comfortable in the civil / commercial and criminal courts.

  • Fraud

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    Jonathan Fisher is one of our expert barristers working in this area with extensive experience in both civil and criminal cases. Ranked as a leading barrister in Chambers UK and Legal 500 for civil fraud as well as criminal fraud, tax and proceeds of crime (including civil recovery) cases, he is a recognised practitioner in these areas, with a particular focus on investor fraud, financial markets fraud and tax fraud cases. He is an Honorary Steering Group Member of the London Fraud Forum, a member of the Commercial Fraud Lawyers Association, and between 2006 and 2010 he was a Trustee Director of the Fraud Advisory Panel He is a co-author of “The Law of Investor Protection” published by Sweet & Maxwell as well as many other publications on fraud, money laundering and recovering the proceeds of crime. Jonathan is particularly familiar with cases involving offshore companies and trusts, being an accredited “STEP” Trusts and Estates Practitioner as well as a Chartered Tax Adviser and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

  • Additional Information

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    Jonathan also has his own website where you can find out more about his practice. Please click here to find out more - www.jonathan-fisher.co.uk




Visiting Professor of Law, London School of Economics

General Editor, Lloyds Law Reports: Financial Crime

Committee member, IBA Anti-Money Laundering Forum

Honorary Steering Group Member, London Fraud Forum

Editorial Board Member, Simon’s Taxes 


Standing Counsel (Criminal) to the Commissioners of Inland Revenue at the Central Criminal Court and London Crown Courts, 1991 – 2003

Visiting Professor, Cass Business School (City University) 2003 – 2006

Steering Group Member, Assets Recovery Agency, 2003 – 2006

Legal Panel Member, Accountancy & Actuarial Discipline Board, 2005 – 2008

Trustee Director, Fraud Advisory Panel, 2006 –2010

Chairman of Research, Society of Conservative Lawyers, 2006 – 2010

Commissioner,  Bill of Rights Commission, 2011 - 2012

Honorary Visiting Professor, City Law School (City University London), 2011 - 2013

Memberships & Associations

Bar Associations

Administrative Law Bar Association; Criminal Bar Association; International Bar Association; Revenue Bar Association

Other Lawyer Associations

Commercial Fraud Lawyers Association; Financial Services Lawyers Association; Fraud Advisory Panel; Liberty; Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association; Society of Conservative Lawyers; Society of Legal Scholars; Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners

Awards & Scholarships

Chartered Tax Adviser (Fellow)

Trusts and Estates Practitioner, accredited by STEP