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Legal Notice


The information on this website is not legal advice and should not be relied on as if it were.

No liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, material on this website or omitted from it.

About Us

Devereux Chambers is not a legal entity (unlike a company or a law firm), and does not provide legal services. Each member of Devereux Chambers is authorised by the Bar Standards Board to practise as a self-employed barrister in England and Wales. Members of Devereux Chambers practise as self-employed barristers, and are sole practitioners, not partners or employees.

Members of Devereux Chambers are sometimes instructed to act on behalf of opposing parties to a case. From time to time they also appear before other members or former members of Devereux Chambers in their capacities as Judges, Deputy Judges, Arbitrators, Mediators, and other similar positions. Strict protocols are in place to preserve client confidentiality.

Administrative, operational and support functions are provided to members of Devereux Chambers by Devereux Chambers Services Limited (“DCSL”), a private company limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales (number 08939089). DCSL’s registered office is Devonshire House, 1 Devonshire Street, London, United Kingdom, W1W 5DR and its VAT number is GB 127 1046 46.

Register of People with Significant Control – Devereux Chambers Services Limited
The company knows or has reasonable cause to believe that there is no registrable
person or registrable relevant legal entity in relation to the company (6 April 2016).
(Register of People with Significant Control Regulations 2016; Companies Act 2006, Part 21A).

Neither “Devereux Chambers” nor Devereux Chambers Services Limited provides legal services.


As self-employed barristers, members of Devereux Chambers are required to obtain professional liability insurance from the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Limited (the “Bar Mutual”) with a minimum level of cover of £500,000. The website address of the Bar Mutual is The postal address of the Bar Mutual is 90 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4ST. Territorial coverage is world‐wide, subject to the terms of cover of the Bar Mutual, which may be downloaded from the Bar Mutual website.

Standard Contractual Terms

Privately-funded Work

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, individual members of Chambers accept privately funded instructions from authorised persons on the Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 (the “Standard Contractual Terms”).

The Standard Contractual Terms are available here.

Conditional Fee Agreements

For most CFA cases undertaken by Chambers, members use the latest Association of Personal Injury Lawyers/Personal Injury Bar Association (APIL/PIBA) model agreement.

Please click here to view the current terms and conditions and CFA template.

Modified terms can be agreed for the purposes of work being undertaken under a CFA when solicitors are acting under a CCFA. For further information please contact Vince Plant.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Our Standard Contractual Terms permit members of Chambers to share confidential information provided to them with pupils (including mini-pupils), who are subject to strict contractual obligations of confidentiality. Members of Chambers will only share this information on a case by case basis where they consider it is appropriate to do so.

Members of Chambers are data controllers under the Data Protection Act 1998 and must process data in a manner which is compliant with the Act. In instructing members of Chambers on the terms set out above, you permit sharing of personal data and sensitive personal data with pupils and mini-pupils for training purposes. Professional clients should bring to their lay clients’ attention the fact that confidential information may be shared in this way.

Any professional or lay client should contact the member of Chambers or the clerking team if he or she does not wish confidential information or data to be treated in this way. Individual members of Chambers remain personally responsible for confidentiality and data security.


We are focused on providing a first class service to all our clients but should you have cause to complain, our complaints procedure can be found here. Any complaint should be addressed to Timothy Brennan QC, Head of Chambers, who will confirm receipt and instigate the complaints process. A lay client may complain directly to Devereux without going through a solicitor or other intermediary. Within 6 months of the conclusion of that complaints procedure a complainant may take a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman, who can be contacted through, by email (, or by telephone (0300 555 0333). Alternative complaints bodies (such as Ombudsman Services, exist which are approved to deal with complaints should we both wish to use such a scheme.