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In this article, tax experts Felicity Cullen QC and Barrie Akin explains why domicile is an important factor in United Kingdom taxation, in that it plays a part in determining liability to (or freedom from) taxation in a number of circumstances. They also explore since the enactment of s.45 Finance Act 1975, there has been a statutory test for what is generally known as "deemed domicile" for the purposes of Inheritance Tax.

They cover the following points:

  • The General Law Concept of Domicile
  • Domicile of Origin
  • Domicile of Dependency
  • Domicile of Choice
  • Chief Residence
  • Loss of Domicile of Choice
  • Burden and Standard of Proof
  • Evidence of Intention - Some Practicalities
  • Deemed Domicile
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