As a recognised leading personal injury set, we are regularly noted for our expertise in spinal injury matters. Our members are instructed in national and international matters. While the majority of our work is for claimants, we also regularly act for defendants. 

We believe in a client-centred approach. We understand the need to be compassionate and understanding to the injured individuals and their families.  We recognise the life-changing impacts that such injuries will have on the injured individuals as well as those closest to them. 

The focus of our work for claimants is to seek to ensure that the injured receive the best medical care, rehabilitation and specialised support and ultimately, the compensation they need. 

We take pride in our reputation for excellence while at the same time being friendly and easy to deal with. We frequently travel to claimants’ homes, to solicitors’ offices and accident locations, and take pride in having a truly national practice. 

We are renowned for the excellence in our trial advocacy and our ability to fight for our clients.