With extensive experience in the crossover between employment, contract and tax law, our barristers are well placed to advise on matters concerning employee remuneration, including the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage.  

Areas of experience concern issues arising under the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 and the National Minimum Wage Regulations 1999 and 2015, including, but not limited to: 

  • salary sacrifice 
  • remuneration counting 
  • reductions from payments 
  • enforcement notices 
  • time work 
  • salaried hours work 
  • unmeasured work 
  • apprentices and apprenticeship agreements 
  • uniforms  
  • the gig economy 
  • travelling, subsistence and accommodation, and sleep-ins 
  • training 
  • burden of proof in enforcement 
  • penalties and penalty caps 
  • criminal prosecutions 
  • “naming and shaming"