Mind the gap

As cases increase in size and complexity, they become concentrated in the hands of a small number of senior practitioners. This creates one of the most pressing issues facing the commercial Bar today: a skills gap caused by the lack of opportunities for junior practitioners to develop the skills needed to lead the types of large, complex cases that dominate modern commercial litigation.  

One of the most lively debates at the annual COMBAR North American meeting held in Washington last April, centred on how to create more advocacy opportunities for junior practitioners in commercial litigation.

Alice Carse and Kannon Shanmugam, Partner at Williams & Connolly, note that the profession needs to ask whether the traditional approach to training junior lawyers is working – and what can be done to train them more effectively for leading roles in modern commercial litigation. In an article published by Counsel Magazine, July 2015 edition, they look at two solutions which merit closer consideration: for senior lawyers and clients to provide greater opportunities to junior lawyers in large and complex cases and judiciary intervention.

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