No prospects ? Part 1: strike out in discrimination and whistleblowing cases

Our employment law experts regularly contribute to Practical Law's Employment Blog and offer their specialist insight, often reflecting their own experience in the employment tribunal or appeal courts.

In part 1 of the February blog, Jesse Crozier explores whether despite the tribunal’s seeming reluctance to strike out discrimination and whistleblowing cases, this is really the case in practice. He focuses on two cases Anyanwu v South Bank University [2001] ICR 391 HL and Ezsias v North Glamorgan NHS Trust [2007] ICR 1126, CA and highlights the three broad categories of cases amenable to strike out.

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As there may be cases that the tribunal may not be minded to strike out, in part 2 of the February blog, he explores the tribunal's alternative power to make a deposit order or orders as a condition of their being allowed to continue.

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