Discrimination Law - Bloomsbury Professional (2016)

The most recent issue of this established, comprehensive and regularly updated work covers every aspect of discrimination law and follows the structure of the Equality Act 2010. Written by a team of experts in discrimination and equality law, it gives practical and detailed advice on the full range of legal equality issues.

Alice Mayhew KC is joint General Editor with Employment Judge Pauline Hughes.  

Readers can take advantage of a complete guide to the law as it develops under the consolidating equalities statute and associated secondary legislation, together with in-depth commentary on applicable case law and practical guidance on complex areas. It retains its very helpful commentary on practice and procedure including its own guideline to the amount of awards in discrimination claims. 

Following the enactment of the Equality Act 2010, Discrimination Law was reissued in its entirety to assist readers in navigating the various sections and Schedules of the EA10, as they apply in any given set of circumstances.

Within this new structure it considers discrimination in the arenas of:

  • employment law
  • goods and services
  • housing
  • education and
  • transport services

across the fields of sex, race, disability, religious and sexual orientation discrimination, equal pay, and EU equality law.

The team of contributors also includes a number of other Devereux barristers: Alice Mayhew, Lucinda Harris, Talia Barsam, Thomas Cordrey, Christopher Stone, Kate Balmer and Georgina Hirsch.  

Published by Bloomsbury Professional.


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