Employment in Schools: A Legal Guide (2007)

Oliver Hyams


Employment in Schools: A Legal Guide, Oliver Hyams is the first book available to tackle the distinctive legal and practical issues surrounding employing school staff. Teachers' terms are largely imposed by legislation specific to education and the relevant processes and structure of accountability are unique. There is also strong trade union involvement.

All these factors make the task of hiring and managing school staff a complex and challenging one for school heads and support staff. InEmployment in Schools Oliver Hyams has drawn on experience gained over the last fifteen years as an employment and education law specialist to produce the only practical and comprehensive handbook on the subject. Employment in Schools contains advice ranging from recruitment to dismissal, covering both teaching and non teaching staff on all these issues: who may be a teacher; the recruitment and appointment process; the law of unfair dismissal and discrimination; statutory provisions applying directly to employment in schools.

This new edition has been extensively revised to take account of the Education Act 2002 and changes to teachers’ pay and conditions, the Employment Rights Act 2002 which introduced a new regime of disciplinary and grievance procedures, various changes to discrimination law, and the new TUPE regulations.

Employment in Schools is essential reading for head teachers, governors and legal advisers within local authorities, schools and private practice.

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