Injunctions - Sweet & Maxwell (14th edition)

The 14th edition of Injunctions authored by Sir David Bean, HHJ Isabel Parry and Andrew Burns QC was published in December 2021. 

This book is an essential reference source for all lawyers who deal with one of the most important remedies in civil and family litigation – the injunction.

The new 14th edition has been completely updated to incorporate all the key developments in this area of law since the last edition was published three years ago.

Features of the new edition include:

  • Injunctions against “persons unknown”: Canada Goose and subsequent decisions
  • Injunctions to restrain publication of reports by public bodies
  • Worldwide freezing orders: Lakatamia Shipping v Morimoto
  • Imaging orders: TBD (Owen Holland) Ltd v Simons
  • New CPR 81 on committal for contempt

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