The Law of Education (2nd edition, 2004)

Oliver Hyams

2nd Edition

Oliver Hyams has produced a definitive, comprehensive explanation of the range of statutes, statutory instruments and case-law that constitutes the law of education - an area of law which has changed enormously in recent years and become increasingly complex - explaining the rights, duties and liabilities of all education providers. The book addresses all contentious issues in the law of education and touches on all of the (now many) areas covered by legislation. Theoretical issues are placed in context, including their historical context. The effect of statutory provisions is stated in an accurate but nevertheless as simple a way as possible, making this book essential reading form lawyers and education officers alike.

Written by an acknowledged expert in education law, this competitively priced book deals with all tiers of education.

Book review:

"the definitive education law text ... Hyams does a splendid job, especially in relation to a school's or LEA's liability for physical injury to a pupil and their liability under Phelps, the employment of teachers, the application of discrimination law, and the potential personal liability of governors."

Education and the Law, David Palfreyman, New College, Oxford.

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