BIBA Conference (May 2016) - Insurance Act 2015 and Enterprise Act 2016

BIBA 2016 is the undisputed meeting place for the insurance industry.

The BIBA seminar programme is packed with advice and tips for insurance professionals. 

Expert speakers came from various sectors of the industry as well as general business backgrounds and the sessions covered a wide range of topics designed to make a tangible difference to your company.

The 2016 will focus on two defining issues of our age – the European referrendum and The Insurance Act, which comes into force just three months after the BIBA conference.

BIBA has worked with the former Law Commissioner, David Hertzell and Mactavish, leading experts on insurance governance to put together a new implementation guide on the Insurance Act in conjunction with the key insurance trade bodies across the whole of the industry. Key participants including Devereux's Richard Harrison discussed the real life issues that are the do’s and don’t’s for brokers in this must see session.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

  • understand the main requirements of the Insurance Act
  • recognise what is a fair presentation and reasonable search
  • identify the key operational changes needed to ensure compliance with the Act

Click here to watch the entire panel session from BIBA's conference and exhibition 2016.

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