Employment law in the context of advising schools

This specialist course is aimed at employment lawyers and HR professionals who work with education providers. With a practical focus, this popular course enables the delegate to consider issues specific to the education sector.

In a series of afternoon seminars taking place across the UK, education and employment law specialist Oliver Hyams will cover:

  • The Burgundy Book: pitfalls for the unwary
  • Continuity of employment for teachers
  • Pension rights and obligations: possible problems
  • Safeguarding issues: what protection is there for the employee in (a) the law of unfair dismissal, (b) public law, and (c) the law of contract?
  • Head teachers' own pay: when might a head teacher err in agreeing to his/her own (high) pay?
  • How far can an Ofsted report be used as ammunition against an individual teacher?
  • Retirement: when would it be fair to require a teacher or a head teacher to retire?
  • Rights (or not?) to legal representation in disciplinary proceedings?
  • Duty of care of the employer: how to deal with a single (possibly rogue) governor making life difficult for a head teacher?

The seminars take place:

  • In Newcastle on 4th October 2016
  • In Leeds on 17th October 2016
  • In London on 1st November 2016

For more information regarding cost, timings and venue detail for the different dates, please contact the seminar organiser CLT.

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