The 2015 midyear event of the ABA International Labour and Employment Law Committee

This year, the ABA International Labour and Employment Law Committee held its 2015 Midyear Meeting in Barcelona, Spain from 3 to 7 May. 

The American Bar Association invited Georgina Hirsch and many other esteemed international guests to speak alongside distinguished Spanish labour and employment lawyers. She was the only barrister of the UK Bar speaking. On the morning of Tuesday 7 May, Georgina was part of a panel of experts examining new work forms adopted by independent contractors and interns and assessing how legislation, regulation, workplace agreements and collective actions have shaped non-traditional, precarious employment around the globe.

In addition, the 4-day programme covered the following topics:

  • Spanish labour and employment law
  • Flexicurity or flexiprecarity?
  • Balancing the demands of caregiving with legal practice
  • Foreign workers, guest workers and refugees
  • Global labour and employment law issues
  • Pay equity, caregiving and the challenges of work-life balances
  • Does the work day ever end?
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Old and new models for setting and enforcing labour standards
  • The impact of imported foreign models
  • New strategies to achieve minimum, maximum, living and sectoral wage rates
  • Restrictive covenants and labour mobility
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