The Discount Rate: Whatever Next?

Journey with us as we enter the mind of the Lord Chancellor and ask: What next? Why me? And was it something I said?

This round table discussion, aimed at solicitors managing large loss and catastrophic claims, considered the real issues facing our lay clients in times of great uncertainty and change.

Chaired by Robert Weir QC, with contributions from Robert Hunter, Stephen Cottrell and our other leading juniors, the discussion was a light-hearted look at some serious issues including:

(i) Can Roberts v Johnstone survive?
(ii) How might the rate be set in future?
(iii) Would primary legislation be required for a move away from index-linked gilts?
(iv) Who needs PPOs?

This seminar took place at our offices on Wednesday 22 March 2017.

Many of the issues discussed in this rountable meeting are addressed in Rob Hunter's blog on the discount rate, which can be found here.

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