£6 million settlement achieved for knocked-down pedestrian

The settlement hearing in Claimant X v Mr Scott Allan related to an accident which took place in November 2012 whereby the middle aged claimant was knocked down by the defendant Scott Allan, who played for the national football under-21 team, as he reversed his car on a road whilst the claimant was crossing it. The claimant sustained a severe traumatic brain injury resulting in both physical and mental difficulties; no admission of liability was made. The case settled for £2m plus a PPO of £165k p.a. rising to £190k p.a. for life.

Judge Barry Cotter QC granted anonymity to the pedestrian as there was no public interest in naming him but refused to grant anonymity to the defendant in light of the principle of open justice. The case has received considerable press attention.

Rob Weir QC successfully represented the claimant.

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