Andrew Burns and Jesse Crozier successful in US Equities Trader Discrimination Claim

The judgment of the Central London Employment Tribunal in Ms I Sitz v Oppenheimer Europe Ltd has attracted considerable press interest and legal comment being the latest in a number of sex discrimination claims brought by women in senior jobs in the City.  Andrew Burns and Jesse Crozier represented Ms Sitz at the hearing earlier this year. The Tribunal found that Ms Sitz worked as a US Equities trader for a number of years rising to be one of the bank’s highest earning traders before coming into dispute with the new manager in charge of the London office. The Tribunal recorded that she complained that he had transferred a number of her most lucrative accounts to male colleagues and that she was the victim of sex discrimination.  A few days later she was dismissed and the Tribunal held that the dismissal was unfair, sex discrimination and victimisation.

The case received prominent coverage in the major newspapers: The Times, The Times Magazine, Telegraph and Evening Standard reported on the win, whilst the Daily Mail focussed on the Tribunal’s finding that the bank discriminated by suggesting that Ms Sitz’s pay should be cut to the level of the minimum wage.

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