Andrew Burns KC appointed as Deputy High Court Judge

Devereux is pleased to announce that Head of Chambers Andrew Burns KC has been appointed by the Lord Chief Justice to sit as a Deputy High Court Judge. It is planned that he will hear cases in the King’s Bench Divisions of the High Court. Andrew will sit for up to six weeks a year while continuing to practice full time from Chambers. He is appointed along with 28 other new deputy judges following a competition run by the Judicial Appointments Commission.

Andrew was previously appointed to sit as a Recorder in 2009, hearing criminal cases and appeals in the Crown Court.  Andrew commented: “It is a privilege to be appointed to sit as a Deputy High Court Judge. We have a number of members of Chambers who have been appointed to a range of part-time judicial roles.  We all feel that this is an important part of our commitment to the justice system as well as being excellent experience because sitting as a judge gives fresh perspective to our advocacy and how we advise our clients”.

The full list of appointments can be found here.

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