Bruce Silvester safeguards motorcyclist in establishing liability and the rejection of all contributory negligence at High Court

Bruce Silvester was successful in a liability trial at the High Court in London acting for the Claimant who suffered severe spinal, pelvic and head injuries, as a result of the collision between his motorcycle and the Defendant’s vehicle.  The Defendant had denied all liability, claiming she had never emerged into the Claimant’s path.

The High Court accepted the Claimant’s evidence that the accident was a result of the Defendant emerging from a minor road into the pathway of the Claimant when it was apparent that it was unsafe to do so. The Claimant’s heavy braking to reduce his speed, which was well below the speed limit, was not negligent but was an initiative that clearly avoided him being killed by the collision itself. 

Yesterday’s success on liability will now enable the Claimant to pursue his High Court claim for substantial damages.

Bruce Silvester was instructed by Hilton Obery of New Law Solicitors LLP.

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