Employment Tribunal awards substantial damages in Sberbank discrimination case

The Employment Tribunal's decision on remedy in the long-running sex discrimination case of Lokhova v Sberbank has been announced. Whilst the final figures have yet to be determined, the approximate value, based on the in principle decision of the Tribunal, is £3.2 million.

The award, which is primarily made up of Ms Lokhova’s anticipated loss of earnings as a result of the sex discrimination to which she was subjected by the Bank, also includes a significant award of £15,000 for aggravated damages. That part of the award was based on an allegation of drug use which the Tribunal found to have been “a deliberate, planned and unnecessary misuse of the proceedings, designed to put pressure on the Claimant and cause damage to her, given that it was no doubt widely publicised.” The Tribunal also found that Ms Lokhova had been unfit for work since January 2012 due to ill health and that as a result of her treatment by the Respondent she “will never work in financial services again".

The case received widespread publicity during both liability and remedy hearings and again now that the decision on remedy has been announced. 

Bruce Carr QC represented the successful claimant.

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