Recent Personal Injury update

Members of chambers continue to act in numerous high value claims. Some of the recent settlements are set out below (a number of settlements recently have had confidentiality clauses attached to them and so cannot be referenced):

Robert Weir QC settled a claim for £2.9m with a Periodical Payment Order (PPO) of £144,000 p.a. This was for a young brain injured man who also sustained a below knee amputation in a road traffic accident.

Robert Weir QC and Robert Hunter settled a case a day before trial for a tetraparetic client who had some limited hand function and could undertake some transfers for £2.25m with a PPO of £60,000 p.a. rising to £85,000 p.a. and then £100,000 p.a. to take account of the effects of ageing.

Robert Weir QC settled a case for an incomplete tetraplegic client for £1.35m with a PPO of £150,000 p.a. rising to £165,000 p.a. This client required help with all transfers.

Robert Weir QC settled a claim for a client who suffered a below knee amputation for £1.75m.

Robert Weir QC acted for a brain injured client, resolving liability on the basis of 80% recovery. Quantum was settled for £900,000 with a PPO of £30,000 p.a. rising to £44,000 p.a. This client lived alone and managed with a relatively modest amount of support worker assistance.

Robert Glancy QC to appear at the Supreme Court in July 2012 - Gareth Owens Jones v First tier Tribunal & Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority - appeared for the successful Claimant. The Court of Appeal upheld Mr Jones' right to compensation for the serious injuries he sustained when the vehicle he was driving was hit by a lorry which had swerved to avoid hitting a suicidal man (V) who had run onto a dual carriageway. The Court of Appeal accepted that V's actions could amount to a crime of violence.

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