Robert Weir QC recovers top end award for locked-in client

Robert Weir QC has been acting for 5 years for a client who was 20 years old when she was knocked over by an uninsured driver.  She was rendered tetraplegic and locked in, forced to communicate by blinking. Liability was settled at 70% during a mediation when Rob was a junior and led by Stephen Killalea QC. The quantum claim has now settled on the basis that the claimant recovers from the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB) what, on 100%, amounted to a Periodical Payment Order (PPO) for future care and case management of £471,000, possibly the largest ever care PPO. In addition, the claimant secured 70% of: a PPO of £78,500 index-linked to RPI and a lump sum of £3,247,143. The claimant had been in hospital for 6 years until she left in 2011 and set up a private agency care regime which cost £650,000 p.a. The claimant's settlement has no reverse indemnity provision.

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