Marianne Tutin Completes Post Office Investigation

Marianne Tutin was commissioned by Post Office Limited (POL) to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of potential wrongdoing by POL and named individuals. Her report was concluded and provided to POL in April 2024. Marianne is an experienced independent investigator with particular expertise in workplace disputes and whistleblowing

Marianne is aware that parts of her report have been the subject of media reports. Marianne said today: “The procedure that I adopted was fair, thorough and proportionate, and in keeping with other conducted investigations. I was able to approach the matter in an independent way and was not placed under any pressure as to what to investigate, or not to investigate, or what findings of fact or recommendations should, or should not, be made. I took into account suggestions of who to interview, but it was ultimately a matter for me to decide whether it was relevant or necessary to speak to them for the purposes of reaching fair and proper findings. It is a matter for POL and not for me about who is notified about the report and its findings, and indeed it was for POL to determine the Terms of Reference of my investigation. I was, however, careful to ensure that witnesses knew in advance the subjects that we would be discussing."

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